5 Ways you can use Social Media to Find a Job!

Every day social media is expanding networking and communication across all platforms. This provides a prime opportunity to use these platforms in your job search. In a survey conducted by Undercover Recruiter it showed 67% of job seekers use Facebook, 45% use Twitter and 40% use LinkedIn. So here’s some tips on how to boost your social media presence.

Relevant Profile

Keep your profile up to date with your correct details. For example, using your real name, listing your work experience from no longer       than the past 15 – 20 years. Build a compelling and professional profile giving potential future employers an idea of your accomplishments, strengths, and what you have to offer.


It’s social media, so don’t forget to be social. Platforms such as LinkedIn provide opportunities to join groups relevant to your job search. This can put you in touch with like minded people and expand your contacts. Follow companies in your own field along with prospective employers and recruitment agencies ; this will keep you up to date with any upcoming events or job opportunities you may be interested in.

Update Regularly

Successfully using social media provides an element of give and take, so use your profiles to share relevant content. Help others by answering questions and share your opinions. Also give links to interesting content on Facebook and Twitter – be known as a resource.

Be Organised

It’s important to be proactive when using social media and to have a game plan when it comes to using these sites as part of a job search. For example, one day dedicate your time to updating your profiles, following companies another, and joining groups a third. Time management across your daily life now includes your social media.

Be Patient

As they say ; Rome wasn’t built in a day. Continue to persist over time and keep your profiles fresh and up to date. Follow up on leads and stay open to new opportunities, they might not come right away but persevere, and begin to see results.

It can be very easy to get caught up in the online world, but remember to unplug and disconnect every now and again. By utilising your social media potential and networking both on and offline, you can broaden your horizons and become successful in your job search.

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