Services for Employers

We at Chevron Recruitment believe that recruiters need to be located on the high street, which conveniently facilitates face to face meetings with all candidates. We offer our candidates a wide range of engaging online training programs, skill profilers and mentors. This means that we can provide you with employees who are motivated to work and have the skills required to do the job at hand. We are committed to assisting you in solving your skills and labour needs.

Sourcing the right person

  • We’ll understand your business requirements
  • We’ll develop the job/person specification
  • We’ll promote your role online/offline
  • We’ll shortlist candidates on skills/traits

Psychometric Testing 

Increasing numbers of employers are using Psychometric testing in their recruitment process and this is something that Chevron can provide at no additional cost. The purpose of a psychometric test is to affirm that one’s character and aptitude are right for the position.

Employment Grants

We have expert knowledge on the complete range of employment grants and subsidies available to employers from state agencies. We have often secured €10,000 in grant aid per job created to offset employment costs for our clients and we even look after all the paperwork.

Candidate Upskilling

As a multi-accredited private training provider, we can address any skill gaps that exist with potential candidates and within your wider workforce. There may even be training subsidies available to cover the cost of these interventions.

Large Local Database

Our strategic location of Anne Street in Wexford Town, adjacent to the Department of Social Protection’s Intreo office, has facilitated us in developing County Wexford’s largest database of jobseekers, across all sectors and education levels.

Targeted & Cost Effective

Chevron Recruitment operates a no-foal, no-fee policy. There is no charge for our service unless we succeed in sourcing the ideal candidate for you. Our placement fee is a percentage of the first year’s salary. If the candidate engagement terminates within twelve weeks, we will source a replacement candidate for you at no additional cost.

Chevron’s objective is to add value for our clients wherever possible, either through securing employment grant aid to supplement salary costs or to upskill candidates to meet your specific needs. Call us today to discuss your staffing requirements.